What is ‘Automation’?

As an accredited Microsoft Partner, Colleague delivers automation through the use of Microsoft’s Power Automate infrastructure.

This enables requests to be performed on a schedule without the need for user interaction.


How Does it Work?

When using Power Automate, Colleague will implement Logic Apps (and on occasion bespoke scripts) to perform a scheduled request.

Colleague’s API allows for Logic Apps to perform functions that can create or update records, download files and send templated emails.


What are the costs?

The setup costs of an automation task is a one off cost Consultancy fee (dependent on the complexity of the request).

There are ongoing ‘execution’ costs associated with Logic Apps, which are added to a client’s invoice as part of the monthly billing cycle, these costs are subject to Microsoft, but are currently:

  • £0.000103 per execution (AND, OR, IF clauses)
  • £0.001 enterprise connector (calls to Colleague)

As an example, a standard logic app with 5 executions and 2 enterprise connectors that runs every 15 minutes per day would cost approx. £2 per month.


What about instant updates?

For instances where an immediate action is required, Colleague will use SQL Azure Database Triggers to deliver updates.

Colleague also has its own Background Service which automates the processing of:

  • Email History Logging (Send/Receive)
  • Bulk Email Sending
  • Campaign Statistics Collection
  • Document Updates
  • Search Result Watchdog Management
  • Notifications


Automation Examples

Below is a list of common examples requested by customers and implemented by Colleague.

Processing CVs from a Mailbox

Colleague can configure a service to monitor a 365 mailbox.

When an email arrives, and the email contains an attachment which is either a PDF, DOC or DOCX file, the system will automatically parse and create a new Candidate record onto the system. In the event of a duplicate being found, it will add the new CV to the existing record.

Users can monitor the Candidates added to the system with the use of User Overview Dials and Team Overview Panels or be sent an automated email when a Candidate has been registered/updated via the service.

Welcome Emails

Once a Candidate has been registered, an automated email can be sent confirming their registration on the system. This can include default attachments such as a terms of business.

Scheduled Emails from Lists

Lists can be created on the system and shared among Users to add records as and when appropriate.

On a scheduled basis, automated emails can be sent to the records on a list using templates such as a Newsletter, Live Vacancies Update or some other form of regular communication purpose.

Regenerative Emails based on Low Activity

In the event of a Candidate or Contact having low activity on their record, which could be not being contacted for a specified period of time or not being associated to a Requirement or some other form of red flag; an email could be sent to check whether they are still looking for work or check if they are hiring.

Follow Up Emails

In the event of an email being sent and there not being a subsequent ‘Email Received’ history on the record (i.e. a reply), the system can follow up on an email to check if they received the previous mail.

Internal Reminders

Internal Reminder Emails could be sent to Consultants, such as reminders to follow up on CVs Sent, Interviews, Placements.

Interview Confirmation Emails

When an interview is made, there is workflow to run that will send out the details to the Candidate/Contact, however it is possible for these emails to be sent automatically.

Interview Tips Ahead of Interview

Ahead of the Candidates interview, a message could be sent with some Interview Tips for the Candidate.

Post Interview Feedback Request

Following an interview, a message could be sent checking in with the Candidate and Contact to see how it went.

Approval Process

As part of the Placement process, when a Recruiter accepts the Offer, there can be an approval process implemented which informs members of management that there is a Placement to review/approve.

Once the Placement has been authorised by a member of management, a member of the Back Office team can then be notified to review the Placement.

Placement Aftercare Emails

Following the successful placement of a Candidate, after the start date, an automated message could be sent to the Candidate and/or Contact to check how things are going.

Placement Feedback Emails

Near the end date of a Contract Placement, send an automated email to the Candidate and/or Contact asking for their feedback and experience.

Update Candidate Availability and Status

The fields in Colleague against the Candidate record can be updated automatically based on rules surrounding the end of a Placement or once a specified amount of time has elapsed since the most recent Permanent Placement start date.

AWR Status Updates

As per AWR legislation, Users can be kept regularly informed on the AWR status of Candidates in Current Placements.

Timesheet Reminders

Contractors can be sent reminder emails to ensure they submit their timesheets, also for those using the Portals functionality, approving Contacts can be sent prompts to approve Timesheets that are awaiting their approval.

User Activity

Managers can receive summarised email reports detailing the activity on the system over the previous week/day.

Other Scenario based Reporting


  • Checklist items due to expire
  • Placements due to Start/Finish this week
  • Interviews taking place this week


Users can be advised in the event of records missing mandatory data or missing info that is of business value.
Workflow checks could also be performed, highlighting Candidates that have been added but there has been no follow up call etc.


The system can be configured to automatically generate Tasks based on workflows / scenarios. These are similar to reminder emails, but Tasks are purposefully designed to cater ‘To Do’ action items.


For more information regarding an Automation request, please contact your Account Manager or the Support Team on:


Tel: 01603 735930