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Recruitment Tip 4: Emails Are Not Letters



This week I’m going to be sharing daily tips on the Colleague Blog. I’m looking for simple thoughts on ways to help you place more candidates and build more relationships, in advance of the publishing of the next Colleague white paper, ‘Effective Recruiting’, and our new #SocialAgency hangout series which launches on September 5th from #trulondon, featuring Stacy Donovan-Zapar in conversation. Stacy is the most connected women on LinkedIn in the world, and will share tips on how to thread networking into your day to day activity.

Today i’m going to look at e-mail, because e-mail has really changed, although many people have been really slow to keep up. The big change has come with the use of smart phones for opening mail. Microsoft reports that 73% of mail is opened on a mobile, and Google 87%. Thats a huge figure. When people first got e-mail, we simply switched from writing and formatting letters, to adopting the same style in e-mail, as well as attachments. Mobile changes this, because any attachments need to be mobile compatible, the subject line is critical so that the message doesn’t get lost in spam, and e-mails get opened within a few minutes, or not at all. E-mail has become instant messaging, with the most effective messages being no more than 3 - 4 lines, involving on-going dialogue, rather than one long message. It’s important to remember that these are conversations, and are often being had on the move or whilst doing other things, like watching TV in the evening. Rethink your e-mail communication for better results.