Colleague, at its heart, is a company where people truly feel at home and where individuals are treated with empathy and understanding. Over the years this same humanity has generated a huge amount of respect for Colleague among our customers, our industry and even our competitors. In recent surveys employees described our culture as one that was honest, fair, open, flexible and helpful. Our core is and will always be about people.

Our vision is to help recruitment businesses achieve more by driving the digital transformation of their services, processes and people through Microsoft’s integrated cloud solutions – giving recruiters the productivity, connectivity and intelligence they need to efficiently bring the best professionals and businesses together.

With the rapid evolution of Microsoft cloud and mobile solutions we believe there is a fantastic opportunity for Colleague to inventively help individuals and organisations in the recruitment become more productive, collaborative and intelligent than ever before. Recruitment is an industry that is undergoing a period of disruption and change. It’s becoming easier and easier to find candidates using online technology whilst generic recruiters are struggling to engage businesses and candidates at a human level. The evolution and changes in the recruitment industry and in business technology offers anyone working at Colleague some exciting and radical challenges – with plenty of opportunities to develop new and inventive solutions.

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