Colleague 7 Outlook Add-in

Outlook Add-in

We are happy to confirm that Colleague 7 now offers an Outlook Add-in as part of our standard user subscription.

The initial version supports the ability to view record details within Outlook and Create History.

Within Outlook, click on the ‘Get Add-ins’ icon:

Then click on ‘My add ins’ and go the section ‘Custom add-ins’.

Select to ‘Add a custom add-in’ from URL and enter the below URL:

This will install the Colleague 7 Outlook Add in.

From this point on when selecting an email, you will be able to click on the Colleague icon in the toolbar:

Provided the sender’s email address exists against a record within the Colleague system, you will then be able to get the Colleague Summary View within Outlook:


In instances where there is more than one record associated to an email address you will have a record count with next & previous arrows to navigate through the records:

At this time you will be able to:

  • View all selected fields as per your Summary View settings
  • If there are mulitple records linked with the email address you will be able to scroll through them using a record count / arrow buttons.
  • Access the record in Colleague by clicking the name
  • Create a History against the record
  • Access the associated Company (if it is a Contact record) by clicking the Company name
  • Use the ‘Click to Dial’ feature against all phone numbers (if you have this enabled).
  • Use the Create History prompt on ‘click to dial’ (if you have this enabled)

Expect near term future versions to offer the ability to:

  • Dock the Summary View in Outlook
  • Parse Email Attachments
  • Attach Documents to Existing Records
  • Option for the Add In to be accessible from a Calendar entry.
  • Track whether an email has already been logged and offer a manual ‘Log Email’ option if not already registered.


For more information please watch our video.

Any feedback please let us know

Many thanks

David Payne
Colleague 7 – Product Owner
Colleague Software

David Payne

Product Owner of Colleague 7

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