Colleague 7 – Sprint Review – 21.03.02 (16/03/21 – 29/03/21)

Colleague 7 – Sprint Review – 21.03.02

Work undertaken between: 16/03/21 – 29/03/21


Sprint Review Comments:

Another sprint of development work done and ready to go. Just in time for Easter!

In this release Users of Colleague 7 can look forward to our new Daily Planner which allows for a centralised overview of Tasks and Calendar entries. This area gives a recruiter the ability to manage their time and stay on top of outstanding commitments. You can now also create Tasks and Diary entries from any record in the system.

Other updates include the ability to switch the Placement Type during an Offer, Extension or Amendment, smoothly handling scenarios of ‘Contract to Perm’ and ‘Rolling Contract’ to ‘Fixed Term’.

A link to the Release Notes is available here:

Within our current development sprint we’re working on an updated skills page for our CV Parser form and numerous UI updates to assist with varying screen resolutions.

As always any and all feedback is welcome.

Hope you have a fantastic Easter.

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David Payne

Product Owner of Colleague 7

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