Colleague 7 – Sprint Review – 21.10.01 (14/09/21 – 11/10/21)

Colleague 7 – Sprint Review – 21.10.01

We’ve now delivered sprint 21.10.01 (work undertaken between: 14/09/21 – 11/10/21).

Client’s using Colleague 7 will receive the update this weekend.

This release includes the ability to ability to:

– Create History from Search Result
– Previous Employer check when linking Candidates to Requirements (Spec CV Sending)
– Ability Set Skill Parent as Mandatory
– Quick Search Sorting Options on Placement records
– and lots of Global/User Settings to further configure the system to your needs.

A link to the latest Release Notes is available here:

Within our new development sprint we’re currently developing the ability for a user to send from multiple email addresses and delivering further enhancements to the Outlook Add-in.

As always any and all feedback is welcome.

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David Payne

Product Owner of Colleague 7

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