Colleague 7 – Sprint Review – 22.05.01 (12/04/22 -09/05/22)

Colleague 7 – Sprint Review – 22.05.01

Hi All,

Last week we finalised another development sprint. We have now packaged this up as a release ready for our clients.

Our latest release 22.05.01 includes:

  • The ability to arrange Microsoft Teams Meetings
  • Time Zone Management on Date/Time Fields (UTC)
  • Free text search on History tab
  • Ability to add multiple Candidates when Spec CV Sending from a Contact
  • Ownership Lookup Search Field
  • Company Addresses Lookup Search Field
  • Company Checklist Tab
  • and more…

Links to the latest Release Notes are available here:

Within our current development sprint we’ll be working on:

  • Colleague Chrome/Edge Browser Extension
  • Setting Default Activity on Report Parameters
  • Enhanced Team Overview
  • New Forecast Report

As always any and all feedback is welcome.

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David Payne

Product Owner of Colleague 7

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