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eSignatures are quickly becoming the modern standard when enabling contracts, or other terms, to be acknowledged & formerly authorised.

Known for their speed efficiencies, cost savings and user convenience, incorporating eSignatures within your contract generation process is seen as a solution that pays for itself.


Colleague 7 benefits from DocuSign's Office 365 plugin

Using Colleague 7's Office 365 integration to create documents in DOCX format, clients are able to take advantage of DocuSign's plugin with Office 365.

This allows for seamless workflow from the Placement record, allowing you to generate templated contracts in DOCX format and then, utilising DocuSign's Office 365 plugin, send the contract for signature direct to the client.

Signed contracts are then received into the user's mailbox, allowing for it to be attached back to the Placement record or another entity of your choosing.

Video: Electronic Signatures in Colleague 7