#RecHangout – Why are we still ballsing up recruiting basics with candidates and losing revenue? Greg Savage

Renowned recruiter, Greg Savage, joins The Recruiters Hangout on the 29th April, 12:00 BST, as we discuss, ‘Why are we still ballsing up recruiting basics with candidates and losing revenue?’

Greg has 35 years experience owning, managing and growing staffing businesses across the world, including such names as Recruitment Solutions, Firebrand Talent Search, Eloquent Staffing and People2People. Greg is well known for his writing, speaking and no-nonsense insights and advice on his website The Savage Truth.

Some of the ideas we will be discussing include:

– Current sourcing tactics are no longer working.
– Talent is not an online commodity.
– Skills shortages here and sure to worsen.
– Talent is the new currency of wealth creation.
– Candidates. Channels. Choice. Change.
– Candidates need an ‘Agent’.
– Standard sourcing tactics starting to falter.
– The power is shifting to the candidate!
– The real reasons clients use agencies… and how it’s changing.
– The basic candidate sourcing premise that most recruiters have wrong.
– The value of a unique candidate and what a unique candidate really is.
– The candidate placeability lifecycle.
– The new definition of a “candidate.”
– How “privacy” has become the new candidate advantage.
– To deal with the candidate issue, recruitment is now merging with marketing and what this really means.
– The new recruitment metric that matters. Seduction conversion rate.
– Why your company’s digital footprint is your biggest asset when it comes to candidate generation.
– The new secret of candidate attraction. Attention vs INTENTION.
– The modern recruiter ethos. Skills hunter and Talent magnet.
– Your database is a candidate graveyard. What else you got?
– The role of technology and CRM in candidate attraction.
– How to actually use “social” in candidate generation.
– Phone sourcing is the old school weapon of mass placements.

The #RecHangout is hosted by Alan Whitford (RCEuro / Abtech Partnership), Louis Welcomme (Colleague Software),Mark Stephens (The Recruitment Alliance / Smart Recruit Online) and Louise Triance (UK Recruiter).


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