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Webinar: The Recruiters Hangout

The Recruiters Hangout is a monthly, free discussion show, where special guests, business owners and industry experts join our regular panel to share their top tips, insights and advice with a live online audience. Viewers are able to send their questions and comments directly to the panel via our open chat stream and take part on Twitter using our hashtag #RecHangout. Our aim is to ensure that our audience comes away inspired, with new ideas, strategies and resources they can use in their own business. 

The #RecHangout is supported by four hosts, including Abtech Partnership and RCEuro founder, Alan Whitford, who makes sure viewers get the most from the show, asking the right questions and ensuring the discussion stays on track; Mark Stephens, founder of Smart Recruit Online; Louis Welcomme, Communications Manager at Colleague Software, and Louise Triance from the UK Recruiter community, who looks out for your online comments on our twitter hashtag #RecHangout during the broadcast. 

For more information on how to watch and take part scroll down - additionally sign up for reminders about our upcoming shows as well as additional #RecHangout resources. You can also check out all of our past shows here.

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- SIGN UP for reminders above or register for an episode via our upcoming show page. You will receive joining instructions, reminders of upcoming shows, and useful follow up resources and overviews after each show. 
- Watch the broadcast afterwards at your convenience on our YouTube channel

Take Part:

- Join us on Twitter, ask questions and comment using #RecHangout
- Ask questions using our chat panel on the live webinar stream 
- Speak to the G+ host, Louis Welcomme, to join us LIVE on the show. Louis manages the show and the technicals.
- Watch the broadcast afterwards at your convenience on our YouTube channel

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View Upcoming and Past Hangouts

You can find upcoming and past #rechangouts on our webinar page here

Guide for live guests: 

Please speak to us (01603 735932, louis.welcomme@colleaguesoftware.com) if you would like to be a featured guest and have an idea for a theme or topic of discussion. We have one episode a month so we are limited. 

1.   To join the Recruiter’s Hangout you must have a microphone, ear phones, a web camera, a good internet connection, a Google+ account and you must add the host (Louis Welcomme) to your Google+ ‘circles.’

2.   Please provide the gmail address associated with your Google+ account to Louis (louis.welcomme@colleaguesoftware.com) who will then register you as one of the show's guests. You will receive further instructions by email.

2.   Please use a quiet room within minimal background noise.

3. Join the Hangout from around 12:30 on the day of the show. You should have received an email with joining instructions. You will enter a green room with the other participants at this point the Hangout is not live. The show will go live at 1pm when everyone is ready. 

4. Within the Hangout you can open a private chat window, for the guests only, by clicking the blue speech bubble on the top left.  Please feel free to use it during the hangout to communicate privately with other guests and your hosts.

5. Please invite your networks and connections to register and watch the #RecHangout by sending them the episode's landing page on the Colleague website

6.   Please feel free to promote the hangout to your networks in the days leading up to the show using the hashtag #rechangout. Please also feel free to invite contacts to our Google+ community and LinkedIn group.

7. When you join the hangout you can ensure that your microphone and web camera are correctly configured by clicking on the settings cog button at the top of the hangout window.

8. Please ensure that your room is appropriately lit up and that the web camera is at a complementary angle.

9. Please ensure you are wearing ear phones to avoid sound feedback and echoes.

10. When participating on the Hangout please keep yourself muted until you wish to talk and do not talk over other guests as this can be disorientating for viewers – this helps reduce background noise.

11. Alan Whitford, the show’s host, will ensure the discussion and questions flow well. If you wish for any particular questions to be raised please submit them to Alan before the show on: alan@abtechpartnership.com or call 01451 850811.

12. After the Hangout the recording is immediately uploaded to Youtube from where it can be shared and embedded.

13. We follow up each Hangout with an email to those who signed up ('Notes from the #rechangout') and a blog article on the UK Recruiter website. Please feel free to contribute to this. 

14. If you wish to find out more please chat to Louis Welcomme, who is happy to guide you through this process. Please speak to him on 01603 735932 or email louis.welcomme@colleaguesoftware.com.