White Paper: Marketing within Recruitment 2016

The role of marketing throughout the contemporary recruitment landscape is evolving – and fast. Marketing professionals able to adapt to unfeasibly quick changes and lead strategies across a sector so domineeringly dynamic, really have become the Swiss Army knife of modern-day recruitment performance. Once it was the recruiter making all the business decisions: now this role is the domain of the marketer.

From employer branding to candidate attraction to content production to choosing the most suitable internal tech structure, today’s recruitment marketers are not only on the cusp of change, they are leading it. And the staffing sector is a better place for it: Slicker, exciting and undeniably more professional.

This Whitepaper highlights how to become a brilliant marketer within the recruitment sector, covering topics including:

• What is the point? How can modern marketers really help recruiters? - Louis Welcomme 
• Recruitment is a process – so how can you really differentiate? - Tracey Barrett
• Harnessing the power of your audience - Samantha Noble
• How to create compelling content for LinkedIn that drives traffic back to your website - Connor Kinnear
• Content plans which don’t cause discontent - Lisa Jones 
• The Big Brand Approach to Engaging Customers - James Saunders
• Behavioural Tricks for New Business Persuasion - Ringo Moss 

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