Colleague 7 – Sprint Review – 22.04.01 (29/03/22 – 11/04/22)

Colleague 7 – Sprint Review – 22.04.01

Hi All,

Last week we finalised another development sprint, packaged it up and released it to our clients this Monday (18th).

Our latest release 22.04.01 includes:

  • An integration with RSM Intime (
  • Enhanced Timezone Management when creating Calendar Events and Tasks
  • The ability to search on records containing Social Media Links
  • Free text searching on the Users, Contacts, Requirements and Settings tables
  • The option to Undo a Manual Invoice
  • Updates to Add Documents & Charges to Timesheets whilst Creating a Timesheet
  • and more

Links to the latest Release Notes are available here:

Within our current development sprint we’ll be adding:

  • The option to create Teams meetings
  • The ability to Spec CV multiple Candidates to one Contact
  • Free text searching the History table when in a record
  • Further Timezone Management updates to database fields
  • Options to default Activity settings on the newer style Reports

As always any and all feedback is welcome.

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David Payne

Product Owner of Colleague 7

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