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Self Service

Colleague 7’s long term vision is to offer a fully self-service (plug and play) solution.

Whether it be via data driven customisation from our Administrative area, user specific preferences or tutorial support from our suite of online training videos. Our objective is to give you the tools you’ll need to tailor your experience and get the most out of the system.

The Administration of our CRM has never been easier or more feature rich in options.

Authorised users will have the ability to:

  • Add/Remove Users and Team Hierarchy
  • Assign User Group Permissions and Workflow Privileges
  • Edit and Configure a wide range of options within Global Settings
  • Add/Remove/Edit Lookups (Drop down fields)
  • Administer a Data Dictionary, allowing you to set fields to be searchable, merged into templates and sequenced as per your preference
  • Create Custom Fields against all main entity types choosing from a range of field types
  • Setup Mandatory fields against all main entity types
  • Edit Email, Letter, Note and Checklist Templates
  • Merge, Archive and Delete Records
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