Colleague 7 Mobile UI


We’re pleased to announce that we recently released the first phase of our mobile interface. This allows users to gain access to their system via their mobile device using a streamlined version of the Colleague 7 UI.

From a user perspective, this interface is accessed by going to the normal login page on your mobile device ( When navigating to this page it will determine whether you are using a mobile device and if so direct you to our mobile login screen.

Users will have the ability to view User Overview dials, run the Quick Search, view Recent Items and view Lists.

Quick Search results, Recent Items and Lists will all be displayed as search results similar to the Desktop UI.

  • Clicking on a telephone number will launch the phone caller function on your device.
  • Clicking on an email address will launch the phone’s default email client.

The fields that you will be able to view on all results will be the fields as chosen via the ‘Options’ area within the Desktop UI.


We look forward to uploading further updates this UI over the coming months.

Any feedback please let us know

Many thanks

David Payne
Colleague 7 – Product Owner
Colleague Software

David Payne

Product Owner of Colleague 7

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