Colleague 7 – Sprint Review – 22.06.03 (21/06/22 – 04/07/22)

Colleague 7 – Sprint Review – 22.06.03

Hi All,

A new release is ready to be rolled out over the weekend.

Our latest release 22.06.03 includes:

  • The ability to switch between Primary and Secondary Email Addresses within the email form
  • ‘Search for Candidates’ feature (on Requirement) updated to Include Text Criteria for CV searching
  • Sales Invoice Info to be shown on Permanent and Fixed Term Placements
  • Ability to Delete Candidate & Contact Addresses
  • and more…

Links to the latest Release Notes are available here:

Within our current development sprint we’re be working on:

  • Introducing Retainer workflow to the Requirement (Exec Search)
  • Right Click menu options on the Requirement > Candidates tab
  • Multi-select option when adding Placement Checklist items
  • Interview Type filter on Interview Templates
  • Ability to set Placeholder Text on Notes tabs
  • Updates to ‘Applicant Source’ handling via API
  • Multi-select option on Type fields

As always any and all feedback is welcome.

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David Payne

Product Owner of Colleague 7

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