Director’s Cut: #OutRec – Dr. Gorkan Ahmetoglu: What is quality data in assessment and how do I get

Gorkan Ahmetoglu – What is quality data in assessment and how do I get it?

Dr Gorkan Ahmetoglu is a Lecturer of Business Psychology at University College London (UCL) and the co-founder of Meta Profiling Ltd., a company that provides personality profiling in order to identify people with entrepreneurial talent. Dr Ahmetoglu is a leading expert in psychological profiling and assessment and a business adviser and speaker in the areas of entrepreneurship, consumer decision-making, and marketing strategy.

The Director’s Cut: Outside Recruitment was hosted at the Barbican on the 25th September 2016

In this exclusive premiere, progressive industry leaders shared their ideas, innovations and inventions that are transforming the way people do business outside recruitment.

The broadcast was recorded live in front of an audience of recruitment directors at The Barbican and features eight eclectic speakers from outside the recruitment industry.

Our superb range of business leaders included an organisational change and mind expert, a data assessment doctor, a digital marketing master, a former footballer turned performance consultant, a machine learning technologist, a executive leadership advisor, a website relationship builder and a social business advocacy expert.

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