#Rechangout – LIVE from UK Recruiter’s Technology Showcase

For the first time ever in the #rechangout we came to our audience live from the UK Recruiter Technology Showcase event. Joining us was Lisa Jones, Martin Lee, Shane McCusker, and our hosts Mark Stephens, Alan Whitford and Louis Welcomme.

For those not familiar with UK Recruiter’s Technology Showcase it’s an excellent event for agency businesses currently researching, reviewing or simply interested in having a look at what’s out in the recruitment technology market. UK Recruiter takes a unique approach, moving beyond the exhibit to more of a speed dating format. Additionally there are a number of industry experts, discussions and talks throughout the day — so there is plenty to learn too. If you’re a recruiter and you’re looking for some free tickets for the next technology showcase – get in touch with us on 01603 735932 or email louis.welcomme@colleague.eu.

The Recruiter’s Hangout is broadcast live via Google+ Hangouts on Air every other Wednesday at 1pm (British Summer Time) and is hosted by Alan Whitford – Recruitment Strategist from Abtech Partnership – and supported by Louis Welcomme from Colleague Software, Louise Triance from UK Recruiter and Mark Stephens from the Technology in Recruitment Alliance and founder of the F10 Group.


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