Colleague 7 API Update

I wanted to offer an update on Colleague 7’s API development, as things are really starting to take shape and plans are in place for further gains to be made over the course of this year.

As mentioned in previous communications, our API is part of our core product commitment to ensure integrations and custom solutions for our clients. Initially this was done to support a CV Parser integration, but we now have several integration projects in progress, including a Candidate / Contact Portal integration, which has driven several other API based requirements.

The URL for our API is here: Developers who are planning to work on an integration with Colleague 7 will need to register an account. We will then assign a subscription key (based on authorisation from the client) linking the Developer account with your Colleague 7 system.

Our API is currently centred around the Candidate entity with various PUT, GET, PATCH and POST options available:

  • GET: ApiCandidateLoginGet – GET request which supports a Candidate Portal login
  • PUT: Create a Candidate record (including Candidate Username and Password)
  • GET: Download a specified Document from a Candidate record
  • GET: Get an existing Candidate record (record details)
  • GET: Get a list all available documents associated with a Candidate record
  • GET: Get a list of all skills in the Colleague7 system
  • GET: Gets the lookup codes/values in the Colleague7 system that are in use on Candidate records
  • GET: Gets the lookup codes/values in the Colleague7 system underneath a specified parent. If no parent is specified, then the top level lookups will be returned.
  • GET: Search for existing Candidate records with set criteria
  • PATCH: Update an existing Candidate record
  • POST: Upload a Document to a Candidate record

There is also a field mapping page here (also available via the Helpfile):

It is our intention, as part of the portal integration project, to introduce API requests to search Requirements (based on criteria) and get Requirement details based on the passing of an ID to the API. We’ll also look to handle applications soon (creating Requirement Candidate records) and ultimately take things to the point of Timesheet entry.

This is all being planned over the course of this year, but if you have any specific API requests please contact our Support Team or contact me directly via With each request it helps focus our efforts on the specific API features you need to see prioritised.

I look forward to uploading further updates over the course of this year.

Many thanks

David Payne
Colleague 7 – Product Owner
Colleague Software

David Payne

Product Owner of Colleague 7

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